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To Graduate Students:

Nursing education is currently in the spotlight as a way to prepare advanced professionals to respond to the needs of society. In Japan, population aging is at an unprecedented level while the birth rate continues to fall. With accelerating globalization, people’s health needs are diversified, and difficult problems must be solved. Upon completion of either the master or doctoral programs, the Master of Nursing Science or the Doctor of Nursing Science degrees are awarded. Our nursing graduate program is characterized by a highly specialized education in four domains and seven departments, responding to health needs from various international perspectives.

Our educational philosophy of the Master of Nursing Science Program

Social contribution through improvement and reformed nursing practices. The program aims to prepare clinical leaders, administrators, and educators.

Our Goals focuses on:

  1. Research to improve practice
  2. Organizational management
  3. Collaboration / coordination with other healthcare professionals
  4. Improvement of practice
  5. Strong leadership

Our educational philosophy of the Doctor of Nursing Science Program

Contribute to society through the development of nursing research as a science. The program aims to prepare innovative and independent researchers and educators.

Our Goals focus on:

  1. Development of unique research
  2. Research for advancement of nursing science
  3. Advanced education
  4. Improvement of practice

Self-management of time and motivation are essential for effective and efficient learning. I hope you will find lifelong friends, expand your university network, and achieve self-realization as nurses who are able to make significant contributions to society.

Warm regards,
Emiko Shinozaki, RN., PhD

To Undergraduate Students:

The University of Human Environments was established in 2000. 2015, was a memorable year, when the School of Nursing opened with graduate programs (Master and Doctoral). We share our values and time together in a new campus. This is a starting point from which we can create an academic culture, setting individual visions, ensuring a path to social contribution and self-actualization.

Our educational goals

Our School of Nursing prepares nurses who are able to:

  1. Provide care with a human touch
  2. Make independent and ethical decisions
  3. Take interest in a specialized field and demonstrate professional ability
  4. Collaborate with other healthcare professionals and contribute to society
  5. Contribute to an international community
  6. Complete their education for a national exam as a Registered Nurse

Our strong points

Our nursing education includes the following:

  1. Optional choices for qualifications for public health nurses and school nurses
  2. Four nursing specialty programs
    ①Pediatric nursing, ②Oncology nursing, ③Dementia nursing, & ④End-of-life home nursing
  3. International Nursing; I and II, and optional for III and IV; clinical practice in international hospitals in Japan and training overseas are available
  4. Small-group student consultation with faculty members

Your accomplishments in our undergraduate program will allow you to craft your ideal self-image with a wide perspective, advanced knowledge and skills, to create a foundation for your career as a nursing professional. The Bachelor of Nursing Science degree and qualification for the national nursing examination are awarded upon completion of the program.

Our faculty members are willing to support your learning, sharing in your joys and hardships. We hope you will spend meaningful time here, making lifelong friends and expanding your network, and realize your satisfaction and pride as a member of our university. We strive to create a rich academic environment that you will feel a connection with even after graduation.

Warm regards,
Emiko Shinozaki, RN., PhD