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Setsu Shimanouchi, RN, Ph.D.
Vice President,
Dean of Graduate School of Nursing,

To Graduate Students:

On behalf of our faculty and staff, welcome to the University of Human Environments, Graduate School of Nursing.

Population aging is at an unprecedented level in Japan while the birth rate continues to fall.
With accelerating globalization, people’s health needs are diversified and more difficult problems must be solved. Nursing education is currently in the spotlight as a way to prepare advanced professionals to respond these needs.

The educational philosophy of the Master program is social contribution through improvement and reform of nursing practice. The program aims to prepare clinical leaders, administrators, and educators. Goals focus on: (1) research to improve practice, (2) organizational management, (3) collaboration / coordination with other healthcare professionals, (4) improvement of practice efficiency, and (5) leadership.

The educational philosophy of the Doctoral program is social contribution through reform and development of nursing practice as a science with advanced research. The program aims to prepare innovative and independent researchers and educators. Goals focus on: (1) development of unique research, (2) improvement of practice, (3) research for advancement of nursing science, and (4) advanced education.

The nursing graduate program is characterized by highly specialized education in four domains and eleven departments, responding to health needs from various international perspectives. Upon completion of the master and doctoral programs, the Master of Nursing Science and Doctor of Nursing Science degrees are given, respectively.

Since you have limited time as a part-time student, self-management is essential for effective and efficient learning. I hope you will all find lifelong friends, expand your university network, and achieve self-realization as nurses who are able to make significant contributions to society.

Warm regards,
Setsu Shimanouchi


Setsuko Kurata, RN, PhD.
Dean of Undergraduate School of Nursing